11 July 2006

Syd Barrett RIP

I have just heard the terribly sad news that founder and former leader of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, has died at the age of 60. Syd had suffered from diabetes for some years and, it seems, the disease finally got the better of him. Many, many words have been written about Syd and his troubles and it's a shame he is mainly known for these difficulties. Suffice to say that without him there would never have been a Pink Floyd. It was Syd's poetic soul that initially propelled the band into the psychedelic maelstrom of London in the 60's. The other band members tagged along but it was Syd who threw himself body and soul into the world of music, magic and mayhem. He never really returned from his journey but protected his fragile psyche by retreating to his childhood haven of Cambridge.

I'm not going to say that the Floyd never made a better album than 'Piper At The Gates of Dawn' but they certainly never made a more enjoyable one.

Shine on, Syd. Shine on.

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The Purple Gooroo said...


Say it ain't so!! :-( :-(

This is dreadful news.

I just read it on "Planet Sound" also--Fuck Fuck Fuck!!!

Goodbye Syd--thanks for all the music.