13 October 2010

Random update #683

Haab: 13 Yax - Tzolkin: 10 Ahau/Long Count:

I've had a lot to blog about lately, but just not the time or the inclination to do so. I meant to do a full review of the brill Chris Addison gig at the Oxford Playhouse about a week and half ago--but didn't get around to it. Along with a bunch of other stuff--so here's a brief round-up:

So yeah, Chris was hilarious. I'd never been to a gig at the Playhouse, but it's a nice intimate hall. I liked that he sorta tailored his set to give it a 'local' flavour...name-dropping Oxford University and Oxford Brookes and mentioning that some consider it an honour that O-Town was slated to be Hitler's British capitol, had he won the war. Apparently, that's why it wasn't heavily bombed in air raids...or so 'they' say. As I'd never seen him before - most of his material was new to me, though a few of the topics may have been familiar (the inability of the English middle-class to cope with snow, the trials of a skinny guy going to the gym), he stamped his own take on them quite well. During the encore/Q&A bit - he despatched a woman who disapproved of his saluting the crowd by calling her a "Guardian reader" and telling her not to choke on her lentils.

The Chilean miners are now being freed. I don't think many critters can possibly have any idea what it's like to be trapped underground for quite that amount of time. It does seem ironic that on Margaret Thatcher's birthday - the news is dominated by press coverage of miners. Ah well - I hope they're all to adjust to surface life. Perhaps in some ways, they were better off down there - they sure did miss a lot of shit TV and lame 'celebrity gossip'...and crap radio, too. As much as I dig the fact it's a 'feel-good' story...I can't help but think "What's happened to all of the victims of the Pakistan floods and the Haitian earthquake?" There doesn't seem to be much coverage of them anymore.

On a bit of a down-note...one of our cats, Gryphon, was killed by a car last Friday morning. I had already left for work when it happened. Pixie was alerted by some kind people who found him. Her father showed up to help and he was bundled into her father's car and brought to the vet's. I'm told that it happened instantly and that he didn't suffer, which is a small condolence. I'll miss him lots - he was a happy-go-lucky little guy and always made me laugh, even though he scratched the spines of some of my LPs. I hope he's having a good time, wherever he may be. Such a devastating loss for us.

We're off to that London next week, to see House Of Games at the Almeida Theatre. It's a play written by David Mamet and was made into a film in 1987. I recall seeing the film, but it was ages ago and I don't really remember the plot. One of my fave actresses, Amanda Drew, is part of the cast at the Almeida--so it will be a treat to see. I might even be able to get a little record-shopping in, while I'm there. If I've got time, I'll write up a review of the play.

In case you missed it - the newest Kaleidophonic Stroboscope episode was posted about two weeks ago. I've started on the latest one - which I hope to have ready in a week or so. Enjoy! Thanks to those who have been listening and supporting the show - especially my pal Singing Bear! Sorry I haven't been at the message board much, mate - I'll stop in there soon.

That's it - that's my update. I'll blog some more when I get a chance. Peace!