09 July 2006

One Patatow..Two Patatow...

Setting Orange - Confusion 44 - Year Of Our Lady Of Discord 3172

I received an e-mail from Maybe Logic Central today--and it seems the good Doctor Wilson has recovered from his recent illness--thank Eris!

In fact, R.A.W. seems to be feeling so well--that he's auctioning off some of his personal items at eBay. Damn, those "alternate currency" Patatow notes look pretty fuggin' cool--only I don't have enough "regular" currency to purchase them. Anyone got any 'coin of the realm' to lend me? ;-)

Oh yeah--the new Maybe Quarterly is up. Give it a read. Peace!


Anonymous said...

Glad he's feeling okay. I did try reading the 'Illuminatus' trilogy but found the plot line pretty wayward. I think I'm too thick to follow it. There are some of his books in our local library (which is amazing when you consider the sort of stuff they normally stock). Perhaps I'll try him again some time.

The Purple Gooroo said...

It's O.K. about not making it through "Illuminatus", Bear--I nearly gave up on it at first. It's a tough read--I'm glad I stuck with it.

If your local library has got "Cosmic Trigger I" or "Prometheus Rising"--I would heartily recommend them to you.