08 July 2006

Lambchop Get Damaged

The mighty 'Chop will release a new album in August. It's called Damaged and here's the tracklisting:

"Paperback Bible"
"Prepared [2]"
"The Rise and Fall of fhe Letter P"
"A Day Without Glasses"
"Beers Before The Barbican"
"I Would Have Waited Here All Day"
"The Decline of Country and Western Civilization"

The album is said to be closer to the style of Is A Woman than 2004's slightly wobbly Awcmon/Noyoucmon double set. Lambchop are touring from late summer through the autumn, so let's hope for some UK dates near us! Keep an eye out.


The Purple Gooroo said...

Nice one! We'll be on the lookout for it.

I liked "Awcmon/Noyoucmon"--though, like most double albums, it seemed to not keep up the momentum over two discs--unless, of course, you "eclectic" it up--like The White Album or Physical Graffiti.

Anonymous said...

Well, I said SLIGHTLY wobbly...;)
Coming after 'Nixon' and 'Is A Woman' was always going to be tough.

Flaming Pixie said...

New Lambchop - Yeyyyyyyyyyyy.

Let us know if you hear any dates, Bear.