25 July 2006

Mr.Bear Recommends

Jonathan Rice Trouble Is Real (2005)
'Take a pinch of M.Ward, wrap him up in A.Bird, add a bit of Harcourt'...well, that's how I hear Jonathan Rice, who is entirely new to me but released an album last year. He's a Scottish-American who makes folky rock music with overtones of the grandiose. He is mates with Conor Oberst but please don't let that put you off! Rice is also a close associate of Rilo Kiley and even closer to RK's singer, Jenny Lewis (lucky bugger!). Well worth hearing even if he did once have a shitty hairstyle.

Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez Red Dog Tracks (2005)
Texan duo Taylor & Rodriguez make music that is at once earthy and heavenly. Taylor has a gruff vocal style but a singular way with country influenced material whilst Rodriguez plays the fiddle and sings in a perfect nasal twang. She's like Alison Krauss but with more guts. The songs are excellently arranged and moving in content and performance. If you like 'South By Southwest', Austin-style country-folk, this is for you.


The Purple Gooroo said...

I'm sensing Pixie is going to want a copy of the Jonathan Rice disc ;-) :-) I haven't heard the Jenny Lewis record--but I've heard good things about it--I wasn't too hip on Rilo Kiley, but her solo album is said to be much more country-ish.

That Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez record sound purty cool--I'll have to check it out.

Flaming Pixie said...

I've heard of Jonathan Rice but not any of his stuff. For some reason I dismissed him as another James Cunt soundalike but if you want to send me a copy then it'd be gratefuly accepted !

Anonymous said...

James Blunt!!! Oh no!
Don't even go there!!
Rice is good. He keeps some suspicious company but he's good. I'll send it to you and see what you think. If it's shit, let me know.

I like Rilo Kiley. Good , solid pop. I really like Lewis's voice and 'Rabbit Fur Coat' is great.