24 July 2006

From the "Suddenly-I-Feel-Really-Old" Dept.

21 Shears 39 p.r.S.P.

Island/Universal Records have released a 15th anniversary, 3-disc special edition of The Orb's debut album, Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld. Mm-hm, Mm-hm--O.K., yeah, anniversary edition.....AAAAAACK! That album's been out for 15 YEARS!!! Anyone else remember when it was released? The first time I heard Little Fluffy Clouds was in '90 on WWUH's "Greatest Show From Earth" programme. If memory serves me correctly (which it prolly doesn't)--they played the entire first disc straight through...good times!


Anonymous said...

Darned new-fangled pop groups!!

The Purple Gooroo said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha! I'm sad that I missed them on "Top Of The Pops", playing chess while their epic "Blue Room" single was featured...but of course, that was '92--and I hadn't even *visited* Britain yet.

The Purple Gooroo said...

I bought the anniversary edition of "Adventures Beyond.." and I forgot how excellent some of it is (or seems to be to me anyway)--the bonus third disc is nice, too--with some rare mixes that have been out-of-print for years.