12 January 2010

Never Liked Him That Much Anyway..

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I suppose it must be me, 'cos thousands of critters really like the bloke, but I never really enjoyed Garrison Keillor's Prarie Home Companion radio show. I watched about an hour of the film (directed by Robert Altman!??!) one late night for about an hour, before I realised that I didn't give a shit about what was happening in it - I was that bored.

I never really liked that 'aw shucks/down-home' Midwest humour. I guess I appear to be a coastal-interlectural-snawb, but what can I say. If I don't find it funny, I don't find it funny...or endearing...or whatever. Sorry, hordes of Keillor-ites.

This op-ed piece* in a Baltimore (figures...) newspaper's website really made me cringe. I couldn't get my head around whether ol' Garry was joking, with a serious undertone--or if he actually meant the whole thing! Maybe both? The lame quips about Harvard 'geeks' and digs at Unitarians aside, what the fuck was that line referencing Jews writing X-Mas songs about?? I don't mean I don't literally know the meaning of it - I gather that Jewish song-writers have penned well-known Christmas tunes. I mean, was the guy joking, or does he seriously have a beef with Jews for 'messing about' with his sacred 'Christian' holiday (which, incidentally, was brought in by The Church to cover up all those narsty pagan solstice celebrations--it seems to me, anyway). Maybe Keillor should grow a small mustache and start goose-stepping around? O.K., that was harsh--but it seems to me he needs to lighten up. I don't want to think of him as a crypto-fascist, even though I'm not a fan of his.

So, I'm left with....Garrison Keillor: uber-twat? I'll leave it for you to ponder.

*Cheers to C-Dog for linking to the article at his blog.

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Anonymous said...

I tried reading this guy about 20 odd years ago when he was getting popular. Yawn! I did once own a book that accomapanied something called The Prarie Home Companion. I picked it up second hand and thought it was some kind of folk-song collection but it seemed a bit weird to me and I didn't get was going on. Was it a joke? I knew nothing about the show.

Jewish people writing Christmas songs? He has a beef with that? Get me his address - I've got a few things to tell him!