11 January 2010

Happy Bob-Mas!

21 Pausa - Year 1931

Three years already, since the great man headed off into the bardos and beyond - leaving his meat-suit behind. Hopefully, his fans will celebrate in some fashion. I'm stuck at my wage-slave confinement today, otherwise I would fire up my Maybe Logic DVD and soak up Bob's woids yet again.

Here's a (still relevant, unfortunately) thought from his website:

7 Ways of Looking at a Monkey-House

September 29, 2001 e.v.

Just as the War Against Drugs would make some kind of sense if they honestly called it a War Against Some Drugs, I regard Dubya's current Kampf as a War Against Some Terrorists. I may remain wed to that horrid heresy until he bombs CIA headquarters in Langley.

I turned on CNN a few days ago and a White House robot announced that the rebels in Chechnya "were" no longer freedom fighters but "are" now terrorists with "clear" links to Osama bin Laden.

CNN provided no details about whether the transformation occured in a sudden miraculous flash like the transubstantiation of the host in a Catholic mass, or happened slowly and gradually like Darwinian evolution.

In a related bulletin, Russia pledged its support in the 'War Against Some Terrorists', and will presumably start with those bastards in Chechnya.


The plight of Bill Maher reminds me of something Ezra Pound wrote about London in 1919: "A single intelligent remark can destroy a man's entire career."

A friend in Israel just sent me an email quoting George Bush saying we should all go to Disneyland. It didn't surprise me. I kind of suspect George lives in Disneyland all the time, with Mickey and Goofy and Osama bin Laden and all the "faith-based organizations" in the world. As Voltaire said, "The only way to comprehend what mathematicians mean by Infinity is to contemplate the extent of human stupidity."


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Anonymous said...

I'd have to go along with Voltaire on that one.