23 March 2009

Springtime again!

2 Caitra - Year 1931

Happy Spring, all! Yep, the equinox happened and winter has ended once again. Pixie and I were out in the garden this weekend, cutting the grass and generally tidying up. We also went for a nice Indian meal at the local tandoori restaurant..yum yum! The weather was beautiful all weekend and it was good to be able to have the windows in the house opened. Now it's Monday, though, the wind and clouds have returned.

I've become fairly addicted to reading the posts (and comments) over at spEak You're bRanes, a site that weeds through various threads at the BBC's Have Your Say forum and other sites, and posts the most...erm...'delectable' comments. These comments are then ripped into with humourous barbs. It makes me laugh anyway--as well as feel somewhat pessimistic about human critters in general, like reading FreeRepublic, or 'Creation science' threads or watching Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends. I'm not sure how some of the HYS commenters actually managed to switch their computers on and log on to the interwebs--going by what they post. Thanks to David Mitchell's on-line Guardian column for hipping me to the site.

I checked in over at My Podcast to find that all of my episodes have disappeared! Apparently, the My Podcast admins did a server switcheroo (that's a techie term, by the way) and lots n' lots of critter's files were lost...including all of mine. Would've been nice to receive an e-mail stating as much. Aaaarrgh! Ah well, this just means a new beginning for the 'Stroboscope - not that it will be much different, mind. Sorry to anyone who wanted to head over there and listen - I shall try and have a brand-new episode done soon. If anyone down-loaded any of the old ones and wants to send me a disc with them on, I'll appreciate it and post the episodes back at My Podcast as soon as possible. 'Till then, dear friends...


Anonymous said...

Oh man, that podcast thing is ridiculous! What gits! I have all but one on disc. Can send asap. You never downloaded them yourself????

The Purple Gooroo said...

I know - double arrrrrrgh! Cheers, Bear - no rush on it. I'll get started on a brand-new one very soon.

I had the original files on the computer - but our memory is so low that I would delete them after a while, 'cos I thought they would be stored at My Podcast (heh heh).

I'm pretty sure I've still got the 'Election Special' on the hard drive.