30 November 2008

Lennon: 1 - Catholic Church: 0

Prickle-Prickle, The Aftermath 42, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3174

As a follow-up to my 'White Album' tribute, I thought I would post a recent news story. The always-timely Vatican have seen fit to forgive John Lennon for Lennon's remark, spoken in interview in 1966, that "the Beatles are more popular than Jesus"--28 years after his death! Man, those Romish cult leaders really have their collective finger on the pulse of stuff. Apparently, according to the Church, he "was dealing with sudden fame" and it all went to his head. Well, that was swell of them to drop the matter then. Except, er...he had been internationally famous for roughly two years by then. Still, if that's what all those pointy-hat guys want to believe... Personally, it doesn't really matter if he was forgiven or not--I mean, who really cared in the first place? Apart from 'that old queen in Rome' and some rubes and sheet-wearing bigots in the American South. Anything that annoys them is quite all right with me.

I suppose it'll be another 30 years before Lennon is forgiven for the Two Virgins LP cover photo (I seem to recall that really stuck in the craw of Al Capp) and the lyrics to Imagine, especially the line "And no religion, too". It's O.K., though, Catholics still can't support Amnesty International and the Church is still against sex education in schools. Nice to know some things don't seem to change.

Has anyone checked out Victoria Jackson's website lately? For those not in the know, Jackson used to be part of the Saturday Night Live cast in the late 80s/early 90s, where she gained some notoriety by being type-cast as 'the ditzy blonde' in the sketches she appeared in. She also appeared in a couple of crap films around the same time (Casual Sex? & 'Weird Al' Yankovic's lame UHF)--and then...well, she all but disappeared. This past year, though, she's been making inflammatory statements at her site about the Obama campaign--everything from "he's a Communist" (with a captial 'c') to "he has traits of the Anti-Christ". I'm not making this stuff up--read it here. She also believes the Bible is "fact" and seems to be a fervent 'end-times' X-tian. She claims that FOX News is the 'only channel that resembles journalism' and shares far-right paranoia, with the twin bugaboos of Socialism and Communism destroying America. Now, I can read her bile with enough Buddhist detachment to last me a couple of paragraphs before I start picturing her computer exploding in her smug face. I'm not even the biggest Obama fan--but sheezus...the Anti-christ? I never thought she was that funny anyway--but if I were a fan of hers, I would really have to try hard to ignore her goofy politics and still like her. See, I can do that with Miles Davis--he seemed to be a notorious race-baiter and was a complete bastard to the women in his life--but damn did he make great music. Someone let me know when Victoria Jackson makes a better record than Bitches Brew and I might be willing to overlook her nutjob-ness and dogma addiction.

As an added bonus, here's a clip of Victoria on The O'Reilly Factor. The intellectual power on that broadcast must've been through the roof!

Thanks to Cheek for the Jackson website link.


Anonymous said...

Firstly - you'll LOVE the lastest post at my blog! ;)

Secondly - It amazes me that the Catholic CHurch can have the audacity to 'forgive' someone for such indiscretions. What about their own tacit support for the Nazis? The child molestors in their ranks? The Spanish Inquisition? God forgive THEM. Personally, I think Lennon was just enjoying courting controversy and people should have just ignored him and continued to enjoy the great music he and the boys were making. Storm in a small tea cup. The Catholics need to get some bloody perspective and leave the 'forgiving' to The Lord.

Thirdly - oh dear. I was wondering when some right wing, fundMENTALIST nut case would say that Obama is the Anti-Christ. This is SO PREDICTABLE...but also very dangerous. These sad people have no imaginations! "Oh, first black President - must be the Anti-Christ!" I DO think all the pro-Obama hysteria has the signs of a cult but these fascists need to calm down. Maybe he'll just turn out to be a fairly good president with feet of clay. Does the world need another Clinton? Let's hope for more. Watch out for that O'Reilly, though. I've had ny eye on HIM for some time...who knows?? Hahah..sorry Bill!

These are strange times - keep watching for the signs! Be ready!

Mr Axl said...

Wow, that Victoria Jackson is something else. I lasted a few paragraphs before my brain turned mushy. Can't bring myself to watch her on O'Reilly yet. That meeting of minds might kill my brain altogether. I'll wait for it to reconstitute first.

I dread to think what her album's like.

Mr Axl said...

Ok, i couldn't help it, I watched. Did I just see O'Reilly being reasonable, or did it just seem that way in comparison to that total airhead lunatic? Was she even talking in sentences? Either way her babbling stream of (un)conciousnessmade me want to staple my ears shut.

I feel sorry for her husband. Maybe he's deaf. And blind. And completely stupid. I can't see any other way that being married to this woman could work.

Anonymous said...

"I read '1984' twice"...hahahahaha!! Did she have to get her dog to explain it to her?

Question: Why the f*** do they allow people like her on the telly to 'comment' on politics (or anything)???

Anonymous said...

I've just checked Ms. Jackson's web-site. She seems pretty simple minded to my eyes. She openly admits she is actually ignorant about 'end times' theology and THEN uses this rubbish to make slanderus attacks on Obama. From my own reading around the stuff from 'Revelation' and other prophetic books of the bible, I think it's been proven that '666' is actually an error and ultimately meaningless. What kind of idiot thinks that a lottery number ending in 666 is a 'sign'? My mobile phone number ends in the same three digits. What does this say about me? Don't answer that!! Christians who indulge in such rancid numerology are acting against God's instructions (see The Book of Deuteronomy and Christ's own teaching...'No one shall know the time or the hour'). I'm a Christian but I'm not an expert, I know. All I do know is that she is dangerously stupid.