07 November 2008

Eno rockin' Question Time!

16 Kartika- Year 1930 (Saka Era)

Anyone else see Brian Eno on Question Time last night? Pixie and I tuned in for a bit, when suddenly ol' Dimbers fielded a question to the Liberal Democrats' "Youth Advisor"....Eno!

I only watched a bit of the programme, but just enough to see Eno dis Jack Straw over the "dodgy dossier" used to instigate the war with Iraq. How cool was that?

Personally, I think Brian should form his own anarcho-libertarian party..or join The Monster Raving Loonies (the only respectable active political party--aside from the Guns And Dope Party). I'd vote for him. Imagine that...Prime Minister Eno.

You can watch the "Question Time" programme on the BBC iPlayer here (for the next week only - then it's gone).

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw that. I didn't watch much of it because I've been 'politiced-out' following the US election but it was very cool to see Brian there. He was a fine representative for the world of music, which is far more than can be said of the dumb arse, Dizzee Rascal, who made a right prune of himself on Newsnight. He was supposed to be representing the 'black yoof' following the Obama victory. Embarrassingly inarticulate and just added to the stereotype of young black men all being thick 'gangsters'.