23 March 2008

Living With War

10 March - Year 2008 (Julian Calendar)

I obtained a link to a blog written by an Iraqi citizen, Mohammed, who describes conditions in his hometown and the effects of the now 5-year illegal occupation. It's heartening to see that the spirit of the Iraqi people hasn't been completely broken, but at the same time depressing to realize how much of that country has been utterly devastated and how folks like Mohammed seem caught between the twin pincers of the occupation forces and terror organizations like al-Qaeda, who are fighting over stupid ideologies and, of course, money.

Enough of that, though....just read the blog, Last Of Iraqis.

(Thanks to There It Isn't for the link)


Anonymous said...

Glad you got the link, my man. Spread the word.

The Purple Gooroo said...

Thanks for posting about it at "There It Isn't", Bear - it made me a bit less ignorant about the Iraqi people's day-to-day situation!