21 March 2008

Happy Equinox, All!/Maybe Quarterly 15

2 Farvardin - Year 1387

Spring is sprung for another year, though the weather isn't very spring-like, at least in the UK. It's been all chill wind and warnings of snow round here. Pixie and I went for a walk earlier and the weather was alternating between sunny and overcast--with continuous gusty wind. Strange. Ah well, it's still a long weekend - what with the Bank Holiday and the whole Easter celebration (if you're an X-tian). I'm just glad to have a bit of time off of work.

The new Maybe Quarterly has just been published as well. I submitted the Teo Macero tribute that I had posted here (and at "Only Maybe") a few weeks ago. Bobby Campbell has once again come through with great cover art. I was going to submit a cover, but didn't get round to creating one in time. Maybe for the summer solstice issue. You can check out the written submissions here ...as always, a quality read. Enjoy your equinox!

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Anonymous said...

Easter greetings to you both. Very cold and all sorts of weather here.

Must go...Harry Hill's on!