25 March 2007

Springtime Is Here Again!

13 Ben - 16 Kankin ( Mayan Long Count)

The equinox came and went, so it's officially springtime for this hemisphere of the world, though one wouldn't really know it by the crazy weather we're having. I like to describe it as a "hangover from winter".

As you probably already know, in most cultures, spring is the time of rebirth and regeneration after the long deathly period of winter. I always love seeing buds and leaves on trees, flowers rising up from the soil and birds and insects flying and floating around.

Pixie will work her magick in the back garden and transform it from a run-down bit of grass and dead plants to a colourful mini-Eden of blooming things and bright green carpeting on the ground.

Since the equinox has passed - that means a new edition of the Maybe Quarterly is available for the peeping. It's a 'special issue', dedicated to the one and only, Pope Robert Anton Wilson. It's put together by the folks at the M.L.A. and this one's a treat. I helped out a tiny bit with Fuzzbuddy's presentation - just cleaning and boosting a bit of audio from the March 18th R.A.W. wake in London. Coldcut and Alan Moore were there to commemorate Bob's passing with music and readings from a few of the good Doctor's books. He's still preparing the final results - so I'll add a link to it here when it's finished.

I've also been invited to become part of the Only Maybe blog team, which seems cool to me. I'll try and come up with an interesting topic to post there quick-smart.

It's my friend Cathy's birthday tomorrow - another Earth year added to her travels in time. I hope she's well and I will say that her gift is on the way. Just finishing up a few bits.

A shout-out to Singing Bear, who's still convalescing at the moment. Don't worry though, the Bear will be back from his hibernation soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Hippy Springtime, everyone! Thanks for the 'shout-out', sir. Convalescence looks like it will take a while longer yet following my trip to see the doc today but I will do my best to get back in shape as soon as I can. Bless you all.

The Purple Gooroo said...

You're welcome, good sir!

Look forward to seeing you soon!