08 February 2007

Snow Hits Bear Valley!

Joy abounds as some wonderful snow came to Bear Valley today. Sledging, snowball fights with local yobs and frozen extremeties enjoyed by all.

Here are some pics:



The Purple Gooroo said...

Those are groovy pics, my man! Wales covered in snow...we should've taken some pics as well - though our neck of Oxon doesn't look quite as lovely.

It was a sight this morning, though - I was pretty impressed with the snowfall, it was a Conn.-type storm!

Flaming Pixie said...

Yeah, sorry about the lack of pictures. I forgot to take some - but I do have one of the snowman we (me and the cool people at work - the purple gooroo was more interested in eating his lunch) made at work today. I'll try and post it tomorrow.

Take care in the snow/ice and drive carefuly !

The Purple Gooroo said...