04 February 2007

New Link & Sad Deletion

First the bad news: The '8 Days In April' Blog is no more. The source of so many great MP3s, it will be sadly missed.

Good news: I've added 'The Culture Club', which is a bad name for an interesting site that has plenty of Dylan related posts amongst other arts related stuff.


Singing Bear said...

How come this place never allows me to link at a post? I just tried to put a link up here for 'The Culture Club'. Check it out at 'Portals of Call'.

The Purple Gooroo said...

That's too bad, about "8 Days In April" - I hope it doesn't have to do with Rapidshare.de getting all Gestapo with sharing album mp3s - if that's the case, almost *all* of those similar obscuro-music blogs will be folding..sad times.

I wish I had grabbed some of the stuff off of there.

That "Culture Club" blog (despite the images the name provokes) seems pretty cool. That dude likes "Blood On The Tracks"..a *lot* ;-) :-)

Singing Bear said...

I think most of those blogs are getting demoralised by morons who manage to delete their files at 'Rapid Share'. Could be the end.