04 February 2007

New Link & Sad Deletion

First the bad news: The '8 Days In April' Blog is no more. The source of so many great MP3s, it will be sadly missed.

Good news: I've added 'The Culture Club', which is a bad name for an interesting site that has plenty of Dylan related posts amongst other arts related stuff.


Anonymous said...

How come this place never allows me to link at a post? I just tried to put a link up here for 'The Culture Club'. Check it out at 'Portals of Call'.

The Purple Gooroo said...

That's too bad, about "8 Days In April" - I hope it doesn't have to do with Rapidshare.de getting all Gestapo with sharing album mp3s - if that's the case, almost *all* of those similar obscuro-music blogs will be folding..sad times.

I wish I had grabbed some of the stuff off of there.

That "Culture Club" blog (despite the images the name provokes) seems pretty cool. That dude likes "Blood On The Tracks"..a *lot* ;-) :-)

Anonymous said...

I think most of those blogs are getting demoralised by morons who manage to delete their files at 'Rapid Share'. Could be the end.