16 October 2006

Video Posts

Oh yeah, the Fiona Apple video wasn't funny, was it?! In fact it wasn't even a particularly good video! I quite like her, myself, but what I really liked more was the discovery that I could post videos here. Maybe better ones to come?

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The Purple Gooroo said...

Nice one, Bear!

I quite liked her first record, "Tidal"--or at least a couple of tracks off it. I did like her "breakdown" at the phlegM-TeeVee music awards show, where she did that famous tirade about "..this is all bullshit..". It does seem to me, however, that if she were that against the whole MTV culture--she would've skipped the show in the first place.

She unfortuantely got lumped into that whole "Female singer-songwriter" boom in the 90s and it seems she's trying to get herself out of the pigeonhole. I can'tr fault her for that.