14 October 2006

Ursine Celebrations

Without wanting to seem utterly self obsessed, this post is here to mark my birthday, which occured a few days ago. Similarly, without wanting to seem too full of self pity, I'll make the following observations:

I've become an age that is kind of neither here nor there ( although one always seems to be becoming more 'there' as the years pass! ). What I mean to say is...it's just a middling, non-descript age. I'll leave it at that.

I've been in rather ropey health lately and this clouded the occasion a little. having said that, on the day, I was okay. The night before, I'd been chucking my guts up but I was blessed on the day itself.

As a consequence of the above, the day passed tather quietly.

My presents (bless the Bear family!) consisted of CDs and I'm suffering from one of my occasional bouts of semi-deafness!! D'oh!

So, having made these observations, it still must be said that ANY birthday HAS to be something to celebrate, so here's to me!

Anyway, today I went out and treated myself to a bunch of things by way of further celebration (terribly materialistic of me but I hope I may be forgiven). I bought a lovely little four CD set of Woody Guthtie songs. 99 tracks for £14. Yes, I have them all already on vinyl but it was time to take Woody into the new century. Great little collection. I also nabbed Johnny Cash's American 3: Solitary Man for a mere fiver. On top of this, I managed to get myself a wonderful poetry collection called The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, which is a massive tome that has poems/writing by the likes of Jack Micheline, Alan Kaufman, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Lenny Bruce, Gregory Corso, Ginsberg, Kathy Acker and many others (including Jim Morrison and Tupac but I'll probably skip those pages!). It's pretty awesome stuff. Not ALL great but well worth spending time on.

Thanks to all my family and friends for their love and thoughts. I love you all and once I'm feeling better I'll be bugging the hell out of you all one way or another again!


The Purple Gooroo said...

Glad you enjoyed your birthday, despite your recent illness, Bear.

Nice treats, too.

I have (had) a couple of books of Morrison's poetry--some of seems pretty decent to me..psychedelic fantasias..but some does seem wretched to me. I guess when you're getting into The Doors and you read that stuff simultaneously, it seems a lot cooler than it "is".

Anonymous said...

Yes, I recall my own Doors phase. Jim was great front man and his lyrics work well in songs. I wish he's just stuck to that! A bit like Patti Smith.

Thanks for the good wishes, mate.