10 September 2006

Off To Devon

19 Bhadra - Year 1928

Pixie and I are taking a five-day break--so we're off to Tipton St. John in Devon. Hope the weather of the past few days holds--we've been spoiled with sun. There have been forecasts of rain for Monday and Tuesday.

Anyhoo--see you's in five days or so. This blog is in the laps of the gods & goddesses and in the erudite hands & minds of Singing Bear and Aloicious (if he shows up--he's been AWOL as of late).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tipton St. John? Wasn't he is Spinal Tap????!! :)

Have a wonderful time. Watch out for the cider and the clotted cream!

Thank you for the discs that arrived today. :)