23 June 2006

Spin Like You Mean It

27 Jumada-al-Ula - 1427 A.H.

I do enjoy watching politicians try to cover all the bases at once--then not seeming to cover any. It seems better to me than most "reality shows", where fame-hungry oiks get thrown into a room together and play typical domestic-primate territory games.

The latest attempt by a dogma-junkie to capture the imaginations of zombies, while demonising a handy scapegoat is by Conservative "leader", David "What-me-worry" Cameron. He appeared on the radio programme, Desert Island Discs, and gave a list of records he would take with him to the aforementioned desert island. Not a bad list--fairly plain, though--R.E.M., Pink Floyd, The Smiths, Dylan. He also included Radiohead and The Killers, in what seemed like a blatant shout-out to "the kids", saying in effect "See, I'm cool, I don't just listen to 'old-guy' stuff." He then went on to say that Radiohead played the song Fake Plastic Trees at his request at a Friends Of The Earth benefit gig. Radiohead themselves naturally denied this the second Cameron's quote left his mouth. I don't know what reaction The Killers had to the news. No word on whether his cache has improved with the rock-n-roll yoof. (Probably not)

A couple of weeks later Cameron was quoted as saying that DJ Tim Westwood's weekly hip-hop programme "encourages gun and knife culture". It's the same hysteria that appeared in the U.S. after Public Enemy and N.W.A. became hip-hop vanguards in the late 80s and later still with the rise of Snoop Dogg and gangsta rap--and it seems to be a cheap tactic to foster resentment at a chosen scapegoat. Don't get me wrong--most gangsta rap seems pretty shit to me--and I still don't understand how a white man absorbing-then-diluting black street culture makes said white man "cool" (a la Westwood). However, I still think that the media being the "cause" of violent behaviour due to 'copycat' actions "is" a political shell game that benefits only law-makers and the courts (and, of course, lawyers). As David Cross said: "Can someone tell me which violent video game Hitler was playing?..and uh, what was that slasher film that Genghis Khan used to like?"

I accept that there will more than likely be a few knuckle-draggers who will try and emulate 50 Cent & co. to the point of foolishly getting caught up in gangland idiocy--but to attack an entire fanbase of a certain music with that accusation seems far more disturbing to me.

Hopefully a lot of people are awake on this one and 'don't believe the hype'--but then, most people--especially those loyal to political parties, seem to be asleep 85% of the time. It has been entertaining watching Cameron open his gob wide and insert his Tory foot. I suspect there'll be more to this story. In the meantime, stay vigilant, kids. Would you buy a used Killers CD from this man?


Anonymous said...

Great post! I'm afraid Mr. Cameron confused Radiohead with Teach Yourself Shorthand! I didn't realise he was there the night we drunkenly played 'Fake Plastic Trees' but, yes Dave, it WAS for you...we called it 'Fake Plastic Disease' and that's what you are!

I heard about David 'Dave' Cameron's appearance on 'Desert Island Discs'...the song list looks horribly 'all things to all men to me'. Something dreamed up by Conservative Central Office.

Warning: 'Dave' may very well replace 'Tony' in No. 10. We have to take him seriously.

As far as 'Gangsta Wank' goes, he IS jumping on a bandwagon but I tend to agree with him. You only have to look at the posing pricks around these here parts to realise that A LOT of yobs think they are 50 Cent these days. Sure, credible artists like Chuck D need to be understood in some kind of context but these kids have no understanding of context. It's all straight down the line violence and misogony for them. Also, just because an artist is 'from The Ghetto, man' (NB Public Enemy and others like them are actually decidedly middle class) doesn't give them an excuse for their bullshit. If it's wrong for wankers like David Coverdale to 'dis' women ('Slide It In', anyone?) then it's wrong for them too.

As for Westwood. The idiot is way beneath contempt. No wonder someone tried to shoot him. Give me a gun and I'll do it.

The Purple Gooroo said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha--got a tape of that T.Y.S. show? That'd be sweet to have a copy ;-)

I agree about the yobs posing as "gangstas"--hopefully that trend will die soon...but prolly not--it's prolly still going on in the States--and has been for over 10 years now..ugh. Even Snoop did a "Wigger Out" skit on his short-lived phlegM-TeeVee comedy series--that's how ubiquitous the trend became.

I agree about the misogyny, too--that's mainly what I despise about "gangsta" shit--that and lame processed beats and tired subject matter (like misogyny and 'bustin' caps'...yawwwwwwwwn)

Also, if anyone thinks I'm only dissing Tories---Blair's "tough on crime" visit to a Bristol council estate this week seemed just as lame to me.

Anonymous said...

Tony/Tory...what is the difference?