01 July 2009

New podcast episode!

10 Tir - Year 1388

That's right, kids! I've finally got round to creating a new episode, after all of my previous shows were wiped by MyPodcast (accidentally, of course..of course). It took a bit of time, as we had computer troubles and then program installations to get through. After all that, though, it's finally ready...so get over there and have a listen.

The Kaleidophonic Stroboscope Switches On...Again!

...and for a little bit extra, here's a vid of the Sunroof remix of Can's Oh Yeah track. "Oh Yeah" was first released on the Tago Mago album in 1971. Sunroof were (are?) Mute label boss Daniel Miller and Gareth Jones. Their remix was released on the Sacrilege double-disc set in 1997. "Sacrilege" was a collection of Can re-workings by the likes of Brian Eno, The Orb and Sonic Youth. I suspect it's still available. If not, try and score a used copy. The Sunroof track is my favourite on the whole collection. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I'll be tuning in asap. Well done!

The Purple Gooroo said...

Cheers, Bear!

Hope you dig it. I'll try and have another new one done soon.