30 April 2009

Back From Bournemouth

6 Iyyar - Year 5769

Pixie and I travelled to Bournemouth over the weekend to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary - yep, 5 years, peeps. Seems like a few weeks ago. Time seems funny like that.

We stayed at the Connaught Hotel in the west end of the city. After a bit of trouble actually locating it, we checked in and headed down to the beach for a stroll. Thankfully, the weather was quite sunny and only a tiny bit breezy. The forecast called for rain and strong winds.

Back at the hotel, we went for a swim in the indoor (heated pool), used the steam room and sauna, swam again, then chilled out in the jacuzzi. Ah, now that's the life. Pixie also paid for a massage for me. No, not that kind, ya filthy oiks--just a back, neck & shoulders one. I felt very relaxed afterwards...must get another one sometime. Dinner was at Zizzi, which was appropriate as our first official 'date' was at the Zizzi in Oxford. The food was excellent and the Peronis I drank were too.

We ate breakfast at the hotel (quite a nice spread it was), then checked out. The weather was pretty nasty, with strong winds and rain. Pixie wanted to go to Hengistbury Head and walk around. We had been there last about three years ago and found it to be an enjoyable visit. The weather dampened (literally) the walk this time, though we explored more of the surrounding area, not just the main hill, as we had done before. When we arrived back at the car, we were so drenched that we each needed a change of clothes.

It was then decided we would visit Christchurch, which is near to Hengistbury Head. We had also been there before and had already seen the cathedral and most of the other sights, so this visit was mainly a shopping trip. I tried to find a funky little record or book shop, but couldn't locate one anywhere near the high street. Instead, a checked a few charity shops and found Sky's (the classical/prog band featuring guitarist John Williams) Sky 2 on LP and Macca's 3-LP live set Wings Over America. The sleeve of the Macca set's pretty battered, but the records seem to be in decent shape. The Sky set is near mint, including the sleeve. Not bad for £5.

We grabbed some lunch at a small cafe and then made the journey home. It took a few minutes to unpack and then it was time to settle into the routine again. It's alright, though, we'll be going to the Peak District for a holiday in two weeks' time.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you both had a swell time.

Funny coincidence - I was heard Sky on the radio the other day and I thought to myself, 'I wonder if Sean likes this?'. It was 'Toccata', which I'd imagine is from their first album. It's not really my cup of tea but I just thought you might dig it. Great musicianship.

I haven't seen that Wings album for years. Good old charity shops!

The Purple Gooroo said...

Cheers, Bear! Yeah, it was a nice little break.

I think "Toccata" is on 'Sky 2'..maybe the first album. I do like them--not to listen to *all* the time, though. I bought the CD re-issues a few years ago, so I figured I'd buy the vinyl, 'cos it was going cheap.

Ha Ha Ha Ha - the Macca was a decent find. I like scouring charity shops - I've found some excellent stuff in them.