03 October 2008

..and in the ClustrMap I saw, 10,000 people, maybe more..

26 Absolu - 135 de l'Ere Pataphysique

I've always been curious about how many people actually visited my various blogs over the years, but never got round to installing a site-visit counter or anything like that. I noticed that Only Maybe has a thing called a "ClustrMap", which shows the number of visits, plus where people are visiting from. With Blogger re-tooled, I took the plunge and decided to install a ClustrMap. It's over on the left sidebar - I check it fairly regularly.

I checked it yesterday and noticed that there have been 10,000 visits! Wow! I realise that's not much, compared to some blog's traffic rate (especially the celebrity gossip ones and the political ones)--but hey, I'll take what I can get. 10,000 visits in 6 months (I installed the map last April) ain't too shabby, from my perspective.

Now, site counters and the like are probably just ego-strokers in the end--but it does feel comforting knowing I'm not just whispering into the aether and no-one's receiving. Sure, a percentage of those visits may be spam-bots (I'm sure I'd find that out quick if I disabled the word-scramble device on the comments), but I think a lot were genuine human check-ins. I'd like to thank those who've stopped by, even if it was just a single time. I'd like to think you found something humourous, or thought-provoking...or maybe discovered a band you hadn't heard about before.

Right, be back soon with (hopefully) something a bit more substantial.

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Anonymous said...

10,000 visitors! Incredible. You deserve every one of them. Keep up the good work and keep well.