15 May 2008

Off To Wales!

15 Kupris - Year 87 p.s.U.

Pixie and I will be off to the Welsh countryside for a week starting tomorrow. We'll be staying near Cardiff for the first night, then trekking up the coast towards Caernarvon. I've been told I can go here if I walk up here--oof, we'll have to see...that's gonna be a hike! It promises to be a great holiday, even if the weather's not ideal for late May.

I'll post a little something when we're back (maybe with some pics as well). I've started on the second episode of the podcast and will finish and post it after we've returned. Thanks to all who listened and left comments over at My Podcast. See ya when we see ya!


Flaming Pixie said...

I also said we could go to Subway in Bangor if you walked up Snowdon !

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I really hope you have a fab time!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for the groovy card. I must try that place sometime. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great card from Portmeirion too. Must get back there one day. Glad you seem to be having a good time. Well done on the climb up Snowdon. May Cob Records be good to you.