17 April 2008

We Done Got Tagged! - 9 Muluk - 12 Pohp (G8)

Singing Bear tagged Pixie and I with one of those blog-meme games. You know, the kind where you answer questions about yourself. The rules on this one seem pretty simple--answer the questions, then pass the meme along (or "tag" bloggers that you know or associate with). Bear appears to have removed his meme post--that's O.K., though, I'll still play along...

Here's mine (Pixie can do her own, if she wants)...

Q. What were you doing 10 years ago?

A. Working in an architecture firm in Hartford, Conn.--I was essentially an office lackey/courier. It was the best paying job I'd ever had, up to that point, and I was still being paid peanuts. I lived in a pretty sweet, spacious apartment in Manchester, Conn, that I shared with two of my sisters and a friend/colleague that I knew from my part-time job (Borders Books & Music in Manchester). I worked about 60 hours a week and would listen to music, read or watch the toob in my spare time (which I still do, especially the music bit). I would also occasionally smoke marijuana and listen to my favorite psychedelic records. I was nearly 28 and ten years out of high school--this seemed to have some significance at the time. Noodling on my Fender Strat (the white 'Jimi-Hendrix-at-Woodstock' model--though I added some Celtic designs to the body and sprayed polyurethane on them, so now the front has more of an amber colour) and practising the one scale on the sitar I was learning were pastimes, too. Sometimes, I'd venture out to a bar on weekend nights and have a couple of beers while people-watching (this was especially fun at some of the white-trash bars around Conn.)

Q. Name 5 snacks you enjoy:

A. Cheese & Onion Pringles, Dark chocolate Kit-Kats, Monkey nuts (peanuts, for the Yanks), Pistachios, Jaffa Cakes

Q. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

A. Give some money away to people & causes that I choose, buy every record/CD & book that I want, live in a home large enough for my book and music collections, travel (I've always wanted to visit India, Spain, Italy & Morrocco), build a home recording studio, take time in the day to meditate properly.

Q. Five jobs that I have had:

A. Record store clerk (in a few different shops), Courier/Draftsman/Lackey at an architecture firm, Warehouse worker (temporary), Porter at a university (temporary), Heating/Plumbing sales associate at a famous department store (and no, I never asked any female customers if I could 'lay any pipe')

Q. Three bad habits:

A. Chewing my fingernails, 'Spacing out' while people are talking to me, Pessimistic thinking

Q. Five places I have lived:

A. East Hartford, CT., Manchester, CT., Boston, Mass., Hartford, CT. (very briefly), Oxford, England.

Q. Five people I want to know more about:

A. R. Buckminster Fuller, Giordano Bruno, Vivian Stanshall, J.G. Ballard, Boudicca

The 5 people I tagged: Working on this bit

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding, mate. I'm making a stand against memes now.