01 January 2007

Happy Gregorian New Year

It's now 2007--what a crazy year '06 was, huh? We do seem to be cursed with living in interesting times. Here's to hoping '07 will be a bit more peaceful, a bit less stupid--and that we won't lose too many more music legends. Sheesh, I mean in 2006 we lost Syd Barrett, Arthur Lee and James Brown--big tragedies all. My cat Sorcha left the planet as well...R.I.P. to them. Oh yeah, Saddam Hussein has been executed, in what seems to be part calculated P.R. move and part old-stylee justice. I don't know if it was the 'right thing' and I don't think his death will slow down the insurgency in Iraq at all, at all--but it's done now. Ol' Goddamn Insane has been buried in the village where he grew up.

Pixie and I spent New Year's Eve watching the Mighty Boosh Live DVD that she received for X-Mas (from myself and Santee Claws). I drank some Bailey's (in honour of Old Greg) and a bit of Ardbeg Scottish whisky after--a nice combination, actually. We watched the countdown on the Jools Holland show and then fell asleep a little while later. The usual, in other words.

On a positive note, Robert Anton Wilson is still around and blogging and I'm happy and healthy--as are most of my family and friends (though here's to wishing that Singing Bear will recover from his recent illness soon). Back to nursing my (slight) hangover. See you soon.

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you all!

Thanks for the good wishes, PG.

Let's make 2007 rock!