12 November 2006

The TSOG's House Of Cards Crumbles??

12 Tula - 1927 Saka era

The mid-term elections in the States happened last week--essentially a battle for the Congress (I can't remember if local state elections are involved also).

It seems that the TSOG (the Tsarist Occupation Government) took a bit of a beating at the polls--and George W. Moron crouched down with his tail lodged between his fore legs, hind legs and ears. He tried to joke about the situation, but, as usual, fluffed his lines.

Another consequence of the backlash is that Donald Rumsfeld, "architect" (if that's how you can describe the action) of the Iraq invasion and seemingly every inch a cartoon villain, was forced to step down from his post. Was it a "brave soldier taking his punishment" or "the rats deserting the sinking ship"...or maybe both?

So the Democrats have control of the Congress for the first time in 12 years--hoop-dee-doo. I don't think it's gonna be all "sunshine, lollipops and cotton candy" now. The Democrats have proved themselves to be the other side of the same coin time and again, full of the same professional politician class that makes up the Republicans. Still, it was nice to see any sort of humbling of the TSOG--especially over it's botched invasion and woeful domestic policies.

Meanwhile, back at the Baghdad ranch--Rummy's ol' buddy, Saddam Hussein, looks set to wear a rope necktie. There was a lot of talk about capital punishment and sovereign nations' right to choose their own methods of law. I still think that if the git was assassinated 3 years ago--it woulda saved a whole lot of aggrevation and bloodshed--but that's only my humble opinion. I don't agree with the death penalty--but then, a lot of Goddamn Insane's victims prolly didn't either--it's a tough call to make.

So The Smirking Chimp officially becomes a lame duck--it'll be interesting to see what happens in two years. In another, sorta related but maybe not way--I agree with Elton John in his view of organised religion. I don't like much of his music (well, anything after 1976 seems to be pretty much AOR twaddle to me)--but I think he's right on when it comes to this topic.


Anonymous said...

The Elton link was blank when I clicked. What did the old queen have to say? 'Organised' 'religion' is nearly always a bad thing. Of course, 'disorganised' religion might be a okay. As one who has pondered these things for most of my life (and continue to do so) I have only been able to conclude that there IS something we need to investigate that is beyond the realm of the physical and, yes, one MAY call that thing God or any other related term. How one gets there is often down to the individual, as long as the journey is taken in the spirit of love, open-heartedness and with an eye for the truth. Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Is that what Elton said? Buddhism has been the method that has helped me the most but I have to say that I don't really think that Buddhism is a religion at all....but as it says in Buddhist scripture, it's raft to get you 'there' or a 'finger pointing at the moon'. Perhaps the same could said for the teachings of Jesus. I don't believe he (whoever he really was/is) came to start a religion...he came to cut through the bullshit, the same bullshit that can still be found in Washington, London and Baghdad.

I'm pleased with the kicking that Bush has had in the elections but, like you, fear it'll be a case of 'meet the new boss, same as the old boss'...especially when the Democrats win the next Presidential election. I always had a lot of time for Bill Clinton (even with all his many failings) as he seems like a genuinly intelligent and astute bloke (his speech to the Labour Party Conference this year made most of the British politicians look like total idiots) but IF Hilary gets the nod...I don't think that should give the 'Free' world much to celebrate. Of course, I say all this as an outsider with very litle real idea of ehat is going on (like Bush himself).

The Purple Gooroo said...

D'Oh! Link broken! Yeah--you pretty much got it--ol' Reg Dwight was on about how 'organised religion' turns people into 'hateful lemmings'. He was mainly talking in the context of the persecution of gays--but I do think he's got a point. He also mentioned banning organised religion--which I've also pondered--but then, if you do that, it'll just drive it underground and increase the yahoos' sense of zealotry. I mean, that's what a lot of them seem to want..martyrdom. It's one of those seemingly unsolvable problems. I do have a *lot* of time for Zen Buddhism and Sufi knowledge--but I'm not keen on X-tianity, mainstream Judaism or Islam.

Ol' Bill, yeah--I suppose he was just O.K.--he did turn out to be a bit of a crawly-thing-in-the grass (edited for Pixie's readability)--but as George Carlin said "He may have been full of shit, but at least he was honest about it"--unlike the sanctimonious bullshit the TSOG relies on. Yeah--even if the Dems "win" in '08..I don't see things improving that much. Grim, I know..sometimes it's really tough to be positive about the situation. At least The Smirking Chimp got his backside whooped by the election results