03 August 2006

Back In The Loop...

Setting Orange - Confusion 69 - Year Of Our Lady Of Discord 3172

Whilst being off work last week (one of those 'in-between jobs' unofficial holiday thingys), I grabbed a couple of Loop Guru discs out of the CD rack to listen to as I was idling the day away. As they were spinning, I was thinking that it's been three years since their last record was released (Bathtime With Loop Guru). It seemed a shame, and I was thinking that another band I really like had split.

I checked their official website, but that info is 3 years old as well--it didn't look good. I found a page by Elsewhen Records, checked it out and found that the label was founded by Sam Dodson (a.k.a. "Sam Gita") of the Guru. Not only that--but Loop Guru have a brand-new record coming out in October. It's called Elderberry Shiftglass--and, according to them, it's a "psychedelic homage to 1966 in 2006"--O.K. by me. You can listen to two new tracks at their My Space page--Strawberry Girl and Rubble Bubble Coil. There's less of the "ethno-techno" sound they're famous for and a lot more 60s keyboard (at least in "Strawberry Girl")--but I like the new (yeah...the overused "retro" tag) sound. Welcome back, boys--see you in October!!

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